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The Fun™ Program - Designed by Dr. Kathryn C. Shafer

While advances in traditional medicine focus on physical symptom relief and stabilization, complementary or integrative practices improve and often heal physical, emotional, and spiritual health. These approaches are not alternatives to traditional medical practices but offer clients additional techniques that will transform and enhance your life.

Limitless Health Potentials, Inc. provides a holistic approach for living. Limitless Health Potentials offers counseling services for persons seeking balance in mind, body, and spirit. What makes the counseling services offered at Limitless Health Potentials different, is the mindbody techniques provide simple, direct, and FUN tools for immediate shifts in thinking and action. Among techniques utilized include the use of mental imagery, dream reading, and incorporating the use of the FUN program. These tools assist individuals, families, teenagers, and couples the mindbody approach for living.

What is the Fun Program?

The Fun&trade Program is a self-directed and designed healing program. It offers a mindbody perspective on health and well-being that reverses commonly held ideas and beliefs about physical illness, emotional imbalances and addictive behavior. It asks individuals to regard life’s difficulties as challenges; and to see problems as opportunities for learning.

To do this, the approach consists of three steps; three movements to a new life: Focus: Stop and identify the beliefs that are limiting you; Undo: Take responsibility and shift patterns of thought and behavior that you yourself are creating; Now Act: Transform those situations that limit your freedom and restrict your growth; do something different, create new habits for living.

In Other Words, Bring Some Fun™ Into Your Life!
When you DO the work---shift happens!

What Do You Do For Fun- or How the Program Works

The program allows individuals to quickly identify and correct the habitual modes of belief and behavior that underlie the physical symptom, behavior, or the destructive emotion. It includes methods such as, mental imagery; dream reading; and self-directed exercises Ð forms of self-discovery that access the truth hidden beneath the everyday logical mind.

What Can You Gain From Fun ?

This holistic approach does not expect that you immediately adopt this way of thinking. Nor does it intend to deny the pain of the illness or issue that is distressing you. Instead, it suggests that individuals discover for themselves how the Fun™ Program offers a simple and yet in-depth exploration to the complex problems generated by physical illness; emotional and social difficulties, substance abuse, as well as situational problems. The mindbody program called FUN™ maintains that nothing happens by chance, all we have to do is open our mind and awareness for the limitless opportunities for learning.

With the Fun Program, people learn:

  • To observe the message spoken by their difficulty
  • To correct the belief that gave rise to the imbalance, and
  • To move forward in a new life direction


Who Can Use the Fun&trade Program?
Anyone who wants to! Individuals have used this method to successfully and quickly heal physical illness and to overcome emotional obstacles that prevent living a full life. The practices allow participants to transform the life-long patterns of behavior that express themselves in physical and emotional distress. The mindbody unity that lies at the foundation of the program permits remarkable healing to occur. The mind reveals its power to generate physical health and emotional well-being. The connection between how we think and how we feel leads to transformation: This is the core of Fun™. Download the Fun™ Brochure Here.

Who is Kathryn Shafer?
Kathryn C. Shafer Ph.D., LCSW, CAP is a licensed clinical social worker, certified addiction professional, and certified play therapist who integrates mindbody techniques in her private practice at Limitless Health Potentials, Inc. in West Palm Beach, Florida. For over 17 years in her private practice Dr. Shafer provides counseling for children, teenagers, and adults dealing with a variety of medical and mental health problems such as asthma, depression, anxiety, cancer, and substance abuse. She has presented papers provided workshops in the United States and internationally. As a consultant, she organizes and provides training for substance abuse treatment programs; and implements program development and quality improvement for hospitals and mental health centers. Other training topics include staff management, clinical supervision, and strategic planning.

Dr. Shafer is an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Social Work at Florida Atlantic University, in Boca Raton, Florida. She graduated from the American Institute for Mental Imagery, under the direction of psychiatrist Gerald N. Epstein, in New York City. She also is a graduate of the Mindbody Institute of Harvard, supervised by Dr. Herbert Benson.

Dr. Shafer suffered from asthma since early childhood. She is healing the symptoms of the breathing distress the lungs teach her through the practice of mental imagery and other mindbody techniques. She is the co-author of the book, Asthma Free in 21 Days:The Complete Mindbody Healing Program, published by Harper Collings. Dr. Shafer conducts workshops, maintains a private practice in Florida and runs marathons without medication. She is breathing free and having "FUN".

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