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Fees for are due in full at each appointment in cash, credit card (fees apply) or by check. If you choose to use your insurance coverage, forms will have to be filed informing the dates, purpose, services performed, and the diagnosis. You are responsible for knowing your insurance benefits and when the amounts you are responsible for change, including deductibles.  Providers are not notified when insurance companies make changes. You may certainly pay out of pocket.

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Caution regarding using insurance:

When either Dr. Shafer or you file a claim with your insurance company, a diagnosis of a mental health disorder must be submitted along with an eligible procedure code describing the service provided. This can present a future problem for you or your child. Your condition will no longer be confidential. Your diagnosis is entered in the national Medical Information Bureau’s database. If you apply for life, health, or disability insurance in the future, your diagnosis is regarded as a preexisting condition. New insurance may be denied or you might have an exclusion placed on your coverage.
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If you’re thinking that this situation seems unfair given the money you pay for health insurance, you’re not alone. This is only one of many problems with our existing health care system. The reality is that insurance companies are in business to make money and they are motivated to insure only the most healthy people.

Dr. Shafer would suggest that you think very carefully using your insurance. If your fees will be only a few dollars, if you have a very high deductible, or if the service provided is not covered, you will not benefit from filing insurance. Moreover, your treatment will not be confidential and your future insurability might be jeopardized. If you do not use insurance, no one will ever know that you have received services from Dr. Shafer because your treatment is entirely confidential. Information cannot be released to anyone from our office without your written authorization (except in a very few legal situations)